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Thanks for stopping by KC Bluegrass. I created this website from a need to keep track of all the great jam sessions and shows happening throughout the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. My content has sort of grown a bit to include other music related stuff too. Most of this will interest the acoustic musician into bluegrass, country, folk, celtic, irish, and related music.

My name is Matt Jurgensen. I'm a piano, double-bass, and fiddle player. My musical habit is supported by my day job as a Principal Software Architect at a financial services company here in Kansas City. I have been involved with music all my life. Today, I attend mostly bluegrass and country venues around town several times a month. My daughter and I are currently taking violin lessons through William Jewell College which I find extremely useful for those of you thinking about a stringed instrument.

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You can learn more about my professional career on my LinkedIn account.

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Bach, Suite No. 1 in G Major is known for Cello, and there are many versions performed with Viola and Violin too.
I'm a Fool to Care - Imelda May
String Quartet - La Rejouissance